Mini Auto Watch

(Limited time) Buy One, Get One Free !
Remote Control watch connects with your car via 2.4 gz frequency.
Chargable car fits inside your watch, play with it anywhere
Great gift for birthdays, christmas or any event.
Red Poison
Red Mini
Blue Poison
Pink Mini
Pink Bugatti
White Police
Gray Rambo
Green Mini
Blue Bugatti
Red Police
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Easy Setup

Mini Car Watch is very simple to use. Charge the car with USB cable, add AAA batteries to the watch. Then turn the ON button below the mini car and your all set! The left button takes the car forward and the right brings the car back.
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Comfortable Design

Designed for comfort, the wrist band is made with high quality smooth rubber. We have 10 different colors and designs for all kids. Buy one or all for your kids's collection.
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Made for play

Each watch is made up of durable ABS plastic, it's waterproof and will not collect dust. Car itself is made up of solid ABS which will not break from high fall.
What is included in the box?
(*Includes small screwdriver and manual)
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Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I charge my watch car?
There are two methods to charge your car and watch:

  • Put an AAA battery in the watch
  • Charge your car with a USB cable that comes in the package
Is it safe for kids?
This product is recommended for kids above the age of 3. Please monitor your kids when playing with the car.
How do I start the car?
Make sure you put the AAA battery inside the watch and the car is charged. Turn the ON button underneath the car, it will display a flashing light. At this point, you can use the watch to remote control the car.
What is included in the box?
  • Car
  • Watch
  • Mini screwdriver
  • USB Cable
Can I use it outdoor?
Yes, product is made of solid plastic and it is weather proof. Your kids can play with it come rain or shine.
How does watch control the car ?
With 2.4gz range, the watch can control a car up to 30 meters. Watch has simple 2 buttons one to move car forward and another to move car backward and left.
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